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Lovers Of the Fancy Deliver A Soiree Of An EP

A fresh EP from Lovers of the Fancy brings out such a lovely grit and energy that you can't look away from it for even a second because the amount of character that's oozing from these songs and this music is immense and makes everything feel great to listen to.

The EP is dubbed Looking for Signals and consists of three tracks each with its own persona and each giving you a soiree of vibrant and attitude-riddled funk and rock combination punches that all hit you like a blitzkrieg and leave you satiated but still looking for more.

It has been quite some time since I listen to a record that's this much damn fun because all this thing makes you want to do is get up and shake your butt along with maybe singing along to some of the choruses.

There are tons of hooks strewn across the songs and they bounce around in your brain for days after the music has ended which is very smart songwriting because the only way to actually satiate that is to go back and listen to it again.

What really gets me is the crazy energy that this record actually has because it's like the players are just feeding off each other's energies throughout the entire thing and that gives the sense of a live performance and even if the songs weren't actually recorded live on the floor, makes you want to go see these guys live just because if that energy is where it's at on record, then it's got to be intense in a live setting.

These guys know how to party musically, and this is some great stuff to throw on how to get together or anywhere that you want people to have a good time.

Vocal aesthetic is like a combination of Tom Waits and Neil Diamond and the guitars have this rootsy slide action happening with a tone that reaches out and just slaps you in the face.

There's a lot going on within the span of these three songs and although each one stands on its own two feet very well, I was single, listening to the EP as a whole is certainly the way to go and I think that's how it was meant to be soaked in.

This is one of the few albums I can honestly say the louder you crank it the better it is and I feel like that's something that hits me as incredibly refreshing.

Putting this record on first thing in the morning will put you in just the right mood and will get your blood pumping for just about anything you have to face in the day.

Definitely take a deep dive into this record when you get a chance and turn it up.

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