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Love X Stereo Releases A Full EP

If you are not yet too familiar with the duo known as love X stereo, then let us be among the first to introduce you because upon listening to their new EP release, I for one have become a bit addicted to the sound they are putting out and if you are a fan of any sort of alternative pop or even dream pop for that matter, then you should definitely consider listening to this release.

The EP is called / 안녕 ÄNɎƏŊ / and has a way of really just crossing sound barriers in such a form that you can almost visualize it which is really interesting because you don't usually get that much depth out of a pop oriented record most of the time but with this one, almost like a full-on adventure that you take.

This release is super fun and there are a lot of songs that push the envelope ever so slightly so that you get moments that sort of slap you right in the face as you look at your friend who's listening in the car with you, and point at the speaker.

We all love moments like that. Those moments where something sort of blows you away because you feel like you haven't heard anything quite like it before.

This record does have that dreamy feel as well and you can see a lot of this stuff in a film about a dystopian future.

And this is part of what makes this album so big and interesting because the songs, the arrangements, the keys that are used, the whole Sonic presence of this record is something that wash over you in a really cool way.

The singing on this release is gorgeous and compliments the music in a unique way as well so you get this mass amount of originality and ultra creativeness that flows through the veins of this record.

You can just tell that it was really fun to make.

They seem to have teamed up with an artist by the name of Da1sy D00m on this particular release and it was obviously a match made in heaven but definitely have a listen for yourself because if you're a fan of that subtly dark synth pop sound, then this record is 100% for you.

Remember, you heard it here first.

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