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Lizzi Bear

Lizzi Bear Releases "Butterflies" And Ramps Up For Her Full-Length Debut Album.

Lizzi Bear has been releasing singles professionally since 2018 and you can find much of them of Spotify but her most recent is "Butterflies".

The song is a beautifully performed piano ballad that feels very personal and real.

Giving off the feeling of sitting in a room with Lizzi as she plays the song, "Butterflies" tugs at the heartstrings and grows a bit more intense as it plays on while acoustic guitar fades in and fills the space.

The song comes through as a heartfelt and enticing love song that we can all relate to at one time of another in our lives.

With cinematic undertones and sometimes even theatrical, the single is part of her upcoming full album release to be dropped Dec 21st.

You can also find a number of her singles quite warming as she's been building her library of material in a precursor to her debut full-length.

Her other singles can be heard on Spotify so you can get ready for the album and you can pre-order the album now as well.

A wonderful song from a strong up and coming songwriter

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