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Lipstick Stains Return with "Lop It Off"

A massive return from Lipstick Stains leaves us jumping through the air in glee as they give us a melodic Thrasher that feels as bright as it does edgy.

We're no strangers to Lipstick Stains and they never cease to amaze with their pop sensibility that lays a top there crazy unending energy and punk swagger.

"Lop It Off" gives us a taste of a different side of the band without them straying too far from their formula of course because that's their staple sound and it works like a charm.

What's cool is you get this almost 90s grunge feel along with their classic soundscape.

This track really bangs hard and you would expect nothing less from this band and what's really cool about what they do that we didn't really realize the first time around, is that the right songs actually have some meaning behind them.

This of course is also in punk rock style.

We all love songs that have balls but also have meaning and this band is the embodiment of those kinds of songs.

"Lop It Off is a cathartic track that provides a visceral outlet for those seeking justice. When the voiceless are searching for a voice, this skull-stomping power anthem gives the listener a moment to let go of their rage and harness a sense of well-deserved empowerment. " - Lipsick Stains

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