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Lipstick Stains drives it all too close to home with "Friendly Reminder"

The latest from the glorious and incredibly fun Lipstick Stains gives off a righteous rock soiree with a high octane and refreshing new single that manages to take a topic that we all pretty much deal with and churn it into a fists in the air banger.

"Friendly Reminder" hits the ground running with crunching guitars and a hard hitting and explosive style of rock with plenty of punk lurking just beneath the surface and a whole lot of in your face and excited pure blistering rock.

This band is an absolute powerhouse and they come at you with a veracity and delightful feel that will get your head banging and would certainly get a crowd singing along.

The song bears the burden of portraying the feeling of trying to hold it all down while things seem to be falling apart around you. Something we all feel from time to time or sometimes a bit more than that.

The cool thing is that these guys do this in a way that shows that aggressive emotional drive and it feels really damn good.

The thing about good alt-rock, pop-rock or punk rock is that they genres seem to be able to tackle real topics that at times may not be the most gigantic but more the everyday things that have the ability to drive us mad.

No easy feat but Lipstick Stains does with all the coolness. And they do it with an electric presence that bleeds through onto everything you do for the rest of the day after listening to the single.

I must say, hitting more songs from the band is needed. They are completely badass and pull their songs off with a particular gracefulness that, right now seems strange to say, but it truly is performed with a pure love for just being a band. Expressing what they want and tearing it up while they're at it.

It's Christmas and what better gift to yourself than some kick ass new music...from Lipstick Stains!

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