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Linen Ray Releases A Gorgeous and warming album

An album release from Linen Ray is a completely fulfilling and lush record that boasts a soulful soundscape and does so with such heart and touches of attitude and character that it all becomes additive before you know it.

The On the Mend album is riddled with outstanding guitar work left and right and it all rolls into gorgeous choruses and hooks that have such a thriving and graceful feel to them that it's almost inspiring half the time.

This was beautifully woven and felt cinematic and full bodied as the vocals came through with tons of backing harmonies and at times even a gospel undertone shimmering through the Americana rock and warm feeling this all gives you.

This record has faith, love, heart, soul, emotion, honesty, and a powerful aftertaste that leaves you empowered and a little wiser than you were before.

You find yourself appreciating more. Or paying attention to things you hadn't noticed before.

It's a bit of an eye opener and it's pretty impressive once you figure that out.

This record gets under your skin in the best ways possible and makes you feel good from top to bottom.

Could be the lyrics or those soulful vocal performances. Or could be those guitars ringing out, or that lap steel swimming around the atmosphere.

Either way this is a very feel-good record and it's best to let it ride/ You'll feel better when it's all over.

A catchy and beautifully written and performed album from the start to the end. This is more than worth your time and there are plenty of gems for the playlists on this one.

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