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Letta Drops A Brutal Single

A new single from Letta crushes with heavy and deep guitar tones and a mass amount of driven drudgery that is combined with swooning cinematic synth strings and gruesome screams that all come together to create an atmosphere that hits you like a punch to the gut.

"Vandal" is absolutely brutal from beginning to end and the way that those massive and heavy guitars combined with the orchestrated keys is something that enables you to get wrapped up in this track super quickly.

Bands like this always grab my interest because they're so Fierce that you can't pay attention to anything else.

The musicianship with metal bands like this one especially is outstanding and you can tell that there's so much intricacy in the way the song was built and put together that to do it all, you have to have a real love for your craft.

And these guys definitely do because the song is absolutely epic.

There is a multitude of different styles or subgenres of metal and they're not all for everybody but a band like these guys have a way of drawing you in and keeping you right where they want you.

The riffs are super tight and intricate at the same time. You have this crazy technicality in the way the guitars are played and the way the bass tone rides along and how the drumming is the main driving force for the impact.

One of my favorite things about this band is that the vocalist matches that energy and has a very cool texture to the way that he does his thing.

So, the first thing that happens is you get struck by that drop B or maybe drop C guitar tone and then the riff itself is nuts, so you get stuck on it from there.

And it's a lot to keep up with for a band. Something that has always kind of astounded me with bands like this also, is the way that the energy is put out, it feels almost like it's a live performance or something.

It feels almost like these guys have to be feeding off of each other's energies to be able to do something like this.

Which in turn makes you wonder what they're like live, and they probably melt your face.

What's also awesome is the video that comes along with this single.

Dig on this one.

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