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LEEPECK, byname of Piotr Lipka ,( born in Warsaw ), composer, songwriter, vocalist, also co-founder of the band Bohema and creator of the solo project Leepeck. He has participated in many major music events: including the XLIV Festival in Opole, the Opole Songwriters Festival and the 12th Woodstock Festival. Leepeck, opened concerts of such stars as Green Day and T.Love. In 2017, he made his solo debut with the album "Borderline," which was very warmly received by audiences and music journalists, garnering very positive reviews topped by performances at many festivals including Indie Week in Toronto. Leepeck’s second album "Na mnie już czas” in a moving and unique way treats about people, love, time and the artist himself. Leepeck's English-language songs are currently rotating on many stations, including in the USA, Great Britain, France, Canada and Israel. The latest single "Am I Free" was premiered on Rockin’ Doc Radio in North Carolina on August 30, 2023 during an hour-long interview given by the artist. The song will soon appear on the playlists of world radio stations. The worldwide streaming premiere took place on September 15th , 2023.

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