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LBCM Band Drops A Danceable Classic

One of the latest single releases from LBCM band delivers a colorful and lush tonality that blends a funk and classic rock together with all the bells and muscles that you can want from such a wonderful blend of genres and a Soulful, character-riddled vocal delivery that drives the song exactly where it needs to go.

"New Episode" is a banger of a track and delivers such warmth and balance dynamically between that harder-hitting edginess and this soulful color in the performances throughout the track itself.

This is a track that brings elements of old and new school together and has a way of making you shake your butt in your seat because the groove is deep and really gets you moving.

I really love the maturity and song writing here but all the while keeping this great energy alive and it does feel like these players are working with each other in a live setting because of that energy on the recording.

It really makes you want to see these guys perform live.

now, this track was a collaboration with Katie Burke, and it seems like it was a smart move because all these elements come together to create an atmosphere you just don't want to leave.

There are a lot of times this song gives you this sort of nostalgic undertone and feeling and I think that comes from that sort of classic flashy almost disco-style aesthetic that comes with the song.

Certain kinds of keys and guitar tones are used along with those vocals that really come together to create that aesthetic and let you get washed away with the sounds.

This was done by people who have a love for what they do, and that good time feeling is dripping all over this track and that aspect alone is very addicting.

Listening to this track really makes you feel good, and it makes you want to spread that feeling out which is something that I've missed with music in general for a quite some time no matter what the genre.

The song is very full-bodied but still has that great punch that it packs while keeping to vocal and musical hooks that sink in quick and stick with you for quite some time.

I think one of the most important things about this track is the drumming because the percussion across the span of this song is not only a really heavy driving factor for the track but it also is nice and deep in that pocket so that you get the fills and the power at the same time.

It feels a lot like everyone's following that drummer and that's why the song comes through with that impact that it does.

A great track that we would definitely give an 8 out of 10, to say the least, and if you want to sing along, or hit the dance floor, this is a good place to start.

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