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LaBrew II Delivers A New Pop Vibe

LaBrew II is a pop artist that has tendency to mix in some tasteful soul and r&b which all manage to come together with an incredibly smooth style and the approach is all topped with a sweet set of performances especially on the vocal side from LaBrew II himself.

The record has a lot of fun and there is heart and a looseness throughout its play through, but the artist is precise with his delivery and passionate with his style in which he delivers.

Perhaps that's what makes this so interesting. Once you hear a song you can't really turn away.

One of the main tracks of focus is "Ill Wauder" which is a really outside the box vibe and the video that was made of for it was nearly perfect.

Even though "Ill Wauder" is a main single, there is something special about each song on this release.

"This EP is a concept record. It was created where I was finding a New Sense of self, but it felt like a Nuisance in the process." says LaBrew II

We would heavily suggest listening to this whole album.

LaBrew II Link:

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