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Kyle Boswell brings A Crisp and honest Pop track

Kyle Boswell delivers a warming pop song with a contemporary rock backbone that feels like summer and puts out such a loving and genuine vibe that it's completely addicting.

"Bring Back the Sun" is indeed a love song and by bringing the sun back home, the artist is talking about a person and how that person brings the sun back home.

The track is built with a tasteful set of guitars and live drums that accompany the bright and vibrant vocals performed with tons of heart and passion.

It's hard not to feel good after playing this track but I think that's the point.

The single showcases Boswell's presence and color as an artist and it's plenty of fun while being honest and wearing his heart on his sleeves. Something that has been sort of missing from certain kinds of music for quite some time.

The single comes with another one that follows it dubbed "Hourglass (Midnight Addition)" and it serves as a great follow up as it has a different vibe. It's a touch darker but keeps true to that honest rock undertone.

These songs are a way for Boswell to let out things he feels and does it with a wonderful tonality and approach that remains poppy while having a touch of edge when it needs to be.

Take a listen to "Bring Back the Sun" in the morning and let it set the mood for the rest of your day. You won't regret it.

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