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Koudi takes you to his world, and you may not want to leave

The new album release from Koudi is a massive opus of guitar pop that oozes underground alternative vibes and is packed with orchestrated synths, keys, and inventive songwriting that stands out.

A Figment Of My Own Imagination is quite a fitting title for this masterpiece of a record as it rolls through indie-rock with ambient tones creating an atmosphere all it's own.

The sheer avant-garde songwriting approach is addictive in itself and all the songs seem honest and personal while each one has something new to bring to the table.

These are pop songs no doubt but incorporate a unique twist while they give off a familiar and warm feeling.

Massively colorful and alive, songs breathe and sway with life and heart.

The album at times, feels like a concept album of sorts and a decadent atmosphere is created and built up larger and larger as the record plays on.

Koudi takes you into his world and there is so much melody, so much harmony, and so much vibrancy that you don't want to leave it. Maybe ever.

Upon the end of the album you have to sort of shake it off for a moment and looks around to get a grip again. This is something you don; get to do often enough when it comes to music.

You certainly haven't heard anything quite like this record before and every second is almost magical so check out Koudi now. Not later.

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