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Kickstand Jenny - Between The Lies

Santa Rosa Beach, FL rock act Kickstand Jenny is about to tear it up with their new debut, Between the Lies. Inspired by everyone from Van Halen to Prince, the debut was recorded in Nashville, TN, with renowned producer Chas Sanford. They’ve been lucky enough to play on stage with Slaughter, Living Colour, Sebastian Bach, L.A. Guns and Lit in the past. Unfortunately for Kickstand Jenny, the COVID-19 pandemic made it incredibly difficult for them to build up momentum. Nevertheless, they still worked hard to get this album ready and would not be where they are today if it weren’t for their determination and talent.

Their upcoming debut includes tons of worthwhile tracks taking influence from funk, classic rock and especially glam metal, or so I suspect. These guys may not have the hair but they certainly do have the attitude and charisma. This is displayed best in their cover of “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” by The Rolling Stones. Beginning with a melancholy guitar line and some isolated snare clicks, their rendition of the song starts out slow and moody, only to bounce off the walls with energy alongside the faster tempo for its second half. In short, it’s a refreshing mix of new and old, of both melancholic post-grunge and bombastic ‘80s hair bands (I suspect this is where the “Van Halen” influence comes into play).

Their original songs aren’t too shabby, either. On the tantalizing, Mark Slaughter-featuring “Solo,” their blend of crunchy guitar atmospheres, thudding toms and memorable vocal hooks soars like never before. Other standouts, such as “Take Me Back To The Time,” dabble in bass-driven funk while featuring a radio rock-ready chorus and an uplifting guitar solo. “Never Gonna Let You Go” sounds and feels like an ‘80s power ballad, perhaps with some flavors of country hidden in it as well. Lastly, the shuffling rhythm, electric guitar squeals and oddly pessimistic lyrics of “Death Trap” make the case for Kickstand Jenny being a versatile band with much talent.

This is definitely a very nostalgic album. If their take on arena rock (“One More Day”) doesn’t make you feel pangs of nostalgia for bands from the ‘80s, then what will? Kickstand Jenny has proven themselves to be at the forefront of this sort of revival with this album chock full of songwriting muscle and gritty, yet energizing compositions.

Between the Lies is scheduled to be released on June 9th, 2023.

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