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kanise drops a gorgeous R&B / Pop EP

Kanise just dropped an EP of colorful and vibrant R&B/Pop bangers that all have a different flavor and showcase the artists ability to write songs that draw you in and keep you around with lively hooks.

The Truth Of The Matter EP is packed to the brim with sultry and alluring vocals, smooth tonality and a gorgeous palette of sounds with a heavy piano base.

These songs have tons of pop sensibility and are completely passionaltey perfomred from start to finish.

You can surely hear the love Kanise has for her craft. And we mean both songwriting and just straight up singing.

There are memorable chorus lines, beautifully woven backing harmony vocals all over the place and it all creates a certain atmosphere that stays true throughout the EP's course.

Most songs are singalongs and you find yourself humming most of these melodies in your head long after songs have ended.

A lot of this work comes from someplace real as well. The songs are almost like a diary and are branched from chapters in her life.

This is likely part of why these songs are so good. They feel great to listen to and for the most part they set the mood.

This is an excellent EP to listen to first thing in the morning.

It feels like a cruise at sunset with the top down on a summer evening.

Either way, the Truth of The Matter EP boasts a lush and wonderfully performed set of singles that all come together as Kanise herself is a complete natural.

Dive into this one when you can and we're sure you'll find plenty of playlist worthy tracks here.

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