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JollyRoger Drops A Punk Soiree

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

A new single release from JollyRoger comes through with a rambunctious and gritty pirate punk tonality and with that, you get such a vibrant and outrageous time that you become quickly addicted to the whole vibe of it especially because it's delivered with such gusto and such heart.

The track is called "Drunk Again" and if that doesn't say it all then I don't know what does.

This song has a way of grabbing at you and being able to harness a certain energy that you've always had but you only let loose when you were young.

You can sort of feel that in your bones when you listen to the song and because of this it comes through with such a genuine feeling.

The energy of this band is absolutely killer, and it just feels like you're watching them perform this live right in front of your face especially if you watch the music video that accompanies this single.

The video itself really gets into the whole Soiree of things and shows a massive group of friends partying up while the band rocks out and the whole thing has this massive character to it that makes you want more.

Some of this feels a little bit nostalgic especially if you grew up listening to punk rock and had a little bit of a wild streak when you were younger which a lot of us did of course.

I love how this song cones in on that exact feeling and that exact aesthetic so well that it hits like a sucker punch to the gut.

It's pretty obvious that this particular group of people how to immensely fun time playing this track out but also filming this video because you can tell everyone was just in their natural habitat.

There's something so alluring about this personal sort of destruction and the way that this band portrays it just has a certain soul and persona attached to it.

I'm a fan of just about any kind of punk rock haven't grown up in a certain era and place where it was a big part of my life, and I can tell you right now JollyRoger is as genuine as it gets.

They bring that element of gritty attitude to the forefront but it's so friendly and welcoming at the same time that you want to hang out with these guys.

And I feel like that's what this song does in a certain way.

This track takes you into their world and invites you to party with them and let loose because it feels good to do so.

The video is one of the best ways to listen to this song and it is out right now.

You can catch that below.

The single itself will be on Spotify on the 18th but there is a pre-save link below so you can make sure you grab on to that.

The cool thing is this pirate punk rock party, has a massive number of releases under the belt that you can also listen to on Spotify so after diving into this single and watching the video, one while you wait for the track to release on Spotify you can go through full albums, EPs, and singles all leading up to this release.

I can tell you personally that this is an intensely fun thing to do and one of the best ways you can spend your time, trust me.

Check out this video and then jump into the world of JollyRoger.

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