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Joe Farren releases a personal acoustic pop album

A refreshing album from Joe Farren comes through as a wonderfully woven and performed record in the form of acoustic pop and heartfelt ballads that feature some in depth vocals that really portray an honest and emotionally driven set of songs.

The Undercover album is overflowing with this genuine tonality that paints pictures as these sorts of chapters of his life are laid out for you to soak in and it's all done with a love for his craft and an openness that feels welcoming even when the song is a bit deeper lyrically.

This record is a showcase of the artists ability to make memories pop into your head or get certain feelings you felt in situations that happened to you no matter how long ago they might have been.

The release is very cinematic in that same way and it's all very beautiful.

Joe Farren is really quite charming on the record and by the end you feel like it was a friend of yours telling you about these things.

This is the type of music that's well worth listening to. Music that makes you think and feel things. We need so much more of that.

Most of all, Farren has heart, and you can hear that with every note on this album from top to bottom.

Songs are acoustic guitar based but feature other instrumentation and most do feel lush and full-bodied while some have a more stripped-down sound to them.

Either way it's all impactful and at times even inspirational.

You also get this feeling that the artist is going to be a great live performer and I think the album itself bears some instances where that comes to light.

This could be because of how personal the songs can be and how Farren lets his guard down to get them off his chest the way he wants to.

This is what makes up a real album and this is just one part of why Undercover is wirth a listen.

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