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J.T. Rogers gives Us a gorgeous and Warming Single

A fresh new single release from J.T. Rogers comes through as an inspirational indie-pop song that boasts a very honest and warming tonality and subject as vocals flow in harmony and the track touches on a retro-pop soundscape.

"Surreal Love" is absolutely gorgeous and feels full and lush with layers of textured sounds that come together with a colorful array of synths, beats, pads, and vocals that give it added life.

The track has some pleasant surprises, and its chorus is enlightening and graceful as it sort of swims and floats around you in the air making you feel like you just woke from a dream.

The track is built up of keys and synths that provide beautifully woven progressions and harmonies creating an atmosphere that really is all its own.

This is a very heartwarming song and as most love songs go, is alluring and makes you think of your own person. Or your own situation.

This song comes through full and enticing with a major pop undertone that is infectious and sort of makes you want more.

There is that nostalgic factor there that really takes a little bit of a stripped-down sound and makes it sound vast and moving.

It has a cinematic backbone to it and it's just addicting in the best ways.

so come get washed away with "Surreal Love". It's worth more than your time and if you're a fan of pop music at all, this will be in your top playlists before it's even over.

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