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Hunter Skye - Cynical

Venturing into the enigmatic soundscape of Hunter Skye, I couldn't help but approach with curiosity and intrigue. As declared on the artist's website, influences spanning the realms of "poetry, classical pieces, traditional Celtic, Russian ska, gypsy jazz, Hindi djent, glitch pop, bluegrass, Americana and deathcore" left me pondering what sonic journey awaited.

My initiation into Skye's world began with "Common Ground," a track that, for the most part, adhered to the tried-and-true four-chord punk/rock formula. Unabashedly fun, swift and irresistibly catchy, it's a visceral and cathartic rollercoaster of energy. However, it's with "Indigo" that we glimpse the glitch-infused facets of Skye's artistry. The composition unfolds like a tantalizing warm-up exercise, leaving the listener yearning for more beyond its brief minute-and-a-half runtime.

Yet, it's in "Keep It Cynical" that Skye's vision seems to reach its zenith, offering a rendition of bedroom pop that hits all the right notes. There's an undeniable sense of comfort and gentleness that permeates the track, brought to life by meticulously chosen instrumentation harmonizing effortlessly with subtly affected vocals, reminiscent of the allure of auto-tune. Skye masterfully traverses an eclectic spectrum of styles, each song offering its own distinct allure.

While an eclectic mix is certainly appreciated, one can't help but wonder about the untapped potential of a synthesis between glitch aesthetics and the indie pop sensibility—a concoction that promises a truly unique sonic identity. In the realm of songwriting, Skye's prowess is undeniably evident, leaving us eagerly anticipating the promise of more to come. This enigmatic artist is undoubtedly one to watch, poised to carve a distinctive niche in the ever-evolving tapestry of musical innovation.

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