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Hilary Roberts Drops A Summer Dance-Pop Single And Video

A fresh pop banger just dropped from Hilary Roberts and Bimbo Jones, and it's a blast from the future with a neon lit synth-dance style and a classic chorus that hooks you right in, this track has a serious summer feel to it and is completely ready for the club or to blast in the car.

"Free" is jam packed with colorful skeys and synths, funky disco guitars, and a set of belting vocals that accompany piano and plenty of builds that all explode into these massive and high energy dance sections that make you want to shake your ass in your seat.

The single is riddled with these elements of retro-pop undertone from both the 80's and 90's scene and feel and it all works like a charm along with her character and presence on the track.

This was a wonderfully exotic soundscape that feels totally familiar and fun, has loads of pop star swagger, and just really showcases the artists ability to get your attention very quickly.

The song also comes with a music video that was done with a great vintage feel to it and features some killer scenes and lighting that all add up to this 1980's pop aesthetic and really lets the song shine.

The single is like a fantasy dance opus that really holds on tight and gets moving.

It's got edginess but is nice and clean, it's got warmth, but that tone is brilliantly light and impactful, and it's got a mass amount of radio friendliness.

So, if you're a fan of classic dance-pop, you'll fall right in love with "Free" and you'll feel like it's time to kick off the summer with a bang.

As a child of the 80's, this song and video really hit me the right way. It ticked all the boxes and hit all the marks.

Be sure and watch the video as it's one of the best ways to hear the song for the first time for sure.

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