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Helos Bonos Showcases a Dark, Edgy and Experimental songwriting style

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

A killer single release from Helos Bonos brings a fresh cross genre, swagger riddled banger that feels cinematic and touches on everything from psych-rock to alternative and pop with bright synths, hard edged guitars and a hell of a character.

"Blood & Glory" is absolutely fun as all hell, and it comes with a sweet palette of sounds and textures that paint a vivid picture with an atmosphere that swirls around you and bursts into a rock opus with a dark tone and punch to the gut.

You get a youthful energy feel from it and the sounds overlap and coat each other in melodies and attitude with a deeper vocal underlying the main giving it all an added intrigue.

This track has influence from classic rock, hard rock, arena rock, hip hop, pop, and so much more it's crazy.

But they manage to roll it all up into one catchy ass track that makes you want to turn it up each time that chorus hits.

Teaming up with Never Mortimer Nada who performs the vocals and wrote lyrics for the project, Helos Bonos has created something that manages to stand out with a fresh style and less boundaries than you're used to.

This is a great thing because we need more music with less boundaries. We need more music that cuts through and thinks outside the box.

Songs like this are few and far between but it's that approach and the experimental undertone that lets genres infuse with others and its music like this, with little boundaries, that becomes art in its best form.

This track was rad and had so much going for it that it's like it was for pretty much everyone and anyone.

You can certainly hear someone using it in a film or a show. That goes without question.

This was super fun and felt good to listen to nice and loud.

Helos Bonos has quite a cool and refreshing style of experimental but very addictive music and if you like one song you're bound to like more.

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