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Hellbach AI

Soul Dust

The concept of Hellbach AI centers around the development of an AI-generated character that has become sentient and embarks in time travels to comprehend the human experience. The music genre is a combination of electronic goth rock, and industrial synthwave. Originally written during the SexyDeath sessions, "Soul Dust" has been reimagined for Hellbach AI and is accompanied by an incredible official music video created with AI and stunning cinematic shots in the California desert: In a jaw-dropping turn of events, Hellbach AI's cutting-edge time machine has taken an unexpected nosedive, crash-landing smack in the middle of the Joshua Tree desert, but here's the real kicker - it's in a parallel universe! Mysterious and malevolent forces seemed to conspire against Hellbach AI, leading to this dramatic misfortune. What's more, the once orderly machine has gone completely haywire, unleashing a torrent of beings from various corners of the time and space continuum, all now converging in this unlikely desert locale. Amidst the chaos, an astonished Hellbach AI has taken a bold step, opting to stage a ritual celebration. The main attraction? None other than Soul Dust, the very first single from the multi-dimensional enigma that is Hellbach AI. This artist, conspirator, and artificial intelligence manipulator, hailing from the provocative Provok3 line of services by Glampire Labs and Glampire Music, is dedicating the performance to the elusive entity behind his bizarre misadventure. Currently, Hellbach AI is engaging in additional collaborations and remixes to further expand its universe. Furthermore, future episodes will develop the story and unveil additional material and interactions through the Hellbach AI Discord, digital cinema, video games, and live events.

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