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Half Dizzy Gives Us All A Courtesy Flush

Can a blisteringly energetic album release from Half Dizzy, the band delivers a special breed of pop-punk that bleeds into a classic and colorful ska approach, and it all has a way of capturing your attention pretty damn quickly.

You can already get a sense of their humor from the album title and with a record called Courtesy Flush you just kind of get the feeling this is going to be a good time.

There is a refreshment when you hear bands like this because you have a little bit of extra freedom to be funny, and fun, and just let loose a little bit and not take everything so seriously.

I think that's something that we may all need from time to time.

Yes of course this has a bright and youthful style and very high-impact energy that spreads to you but that's something that you should be expecting from pop punk.

You want to jump around and sing along at the top of your lungs whether it's while you're driving along on the freeway or you're getting ready for work in the bathroom.

This is something that you almost automatically get along with like a friend.

Vocals are such an amazing fit for the band themselves and together everyone just delivers a soiree of musical enjoyment that you can't help but move to.

The thing with certain punk bands is that a lot of times you get a band that's amazing and vocals that don't quite match it or don't quite live up to the energy of what the band is doing.

That kind of thing can really pretty much ruin the music.

Obviously, this is not the case with Half Dizzy as they do their thing as a unit and all the elements and instruments balance with those vocals so that if there's one thing missing it's like it may not work.

And that's what you look for with bands like this. You look for a group of All-Star musicians that couldn't walk away if they wanted to. And you can hear that in the music if you listen.

This is their getaway. This is their escape. And they love doing what they do.

Courtesy Flush comes with some great singles but in reality, this is a record you should be listening to the whole way through because it's just more fun that way. If you really like one song, you will most likely dig them all.

Plus, there are some surprises on this record you might not be expecting.

Everyone's a fan of that let's face it.

So come on and check this album out because no matter where you are or who you are with everyone deserves a Courtesy Flush.

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