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Get Into The Deep Groove Of Louisa Rox

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Louisa Rox just released a new single called "Purple" and it comes in kickin straight from the get go.

This track has soul and funk imbedded in its existence. The groove hits deep and hard and it's got that 70's drum sound along with organs and a killer bassline to keep its smooth flow going.

Vocals are sensual and laced with passion as the guitars play that hook that ges you moving.

You won't be able to just sit and listen to this track. It's got too much soul not to get up and start dancing. It's a fun and sexy track with all the bells and whistles you expect from a song that grooves this hard.

Louisa's style is a varying and envelope pushing one. Working with an array of seasoned players to bring a new light to each track.

Releasing a string of singles in 2020 like "No Lover" and "Illuminate" which each have some great grooves as well but exist on their own plains. Each different from the last but all have that soulful approach tat really does it.

At times they touch on 80's pop and bring new synths and sounds creating something fresh with each track.

That's part of the cool thing about Louisa Rox. You don't know what to expect nest and it;s always a pleasant surprise to say the least.

A genre pushing artist, Louisa Rox is a good time.

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