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Get engulfed by the new album from delicat

DeliCat just dropped a wonderfully cinematic and experimentally driven album that brings an array of textures and genres together to create something that truly breeds its own atmosphere.

The Short Life, Long Tooth record has beautifully ambient pop songs performed with fuzztone guitars an vocals and an air of artists like Daniel Johnston.

The record is lush with layers of tones that reel you in and wash you away. They take you into a dream like place where you can live through the eyes of someone else.

Songs bring swelling synth pads and pianos, distant guitars that swim around the ether of the album, and hooky vocal melodies that feel personal and subtly colorful at the same time.

The whole thing feels like watching scenes of a film and floating along with the rock undertones that feel like late 90's underground alternative bands you grew up loving. Bands you'd show your friends cause they never heard of them before.

It's great to have a band that gives that vibe again. It's familiar and warming.

The band created the album long distance but somehow it feels like a live performance half the time. This is surely difficult to pull of but Delicat does it without a hitch.

You get such a wonderful sonic wall of sound with a lot of these songs and it's very easy to fall in love with this record.

One of our favorite tracks is dubbed "Bloodless Blood" and it really gives you an idea of the experimental synth and vocal driven indie-pop somberness they can touch on so well.

The accompanying music video for the single is outstandingly perfect for this song and lets you really see the bands presence and character which is excellent.

That video is below for your viewing pleasure of course.

Come get engulfed in this album, it's so worth it!

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