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Get Alluring and Personal songs of Anna Farquhar

Of the singles released this year from artist Anna Farquhar, "Again" gives off a beautifully woven and breezy feeling pop song that really touches on personal and real aspects of her life and tells a story.

The song is passionate and flowing as the artist paints a picture for you to watch in your head while it all plays out.

Ambient guitars fill the air like waves whispering around you and vocals have a wonderful sheen to them that makes them almost angelic at times.

You can hear undertones of Americana and some 90's acoustic pop peaking through while you fall into the progression and aura of the song.

Anna surely took her emotion and let it out with this song and this is a big part of what makes it so good.

"Again" is a near perfect follow up to previously released "Boy" single which is more of a rocker with a danceable vibe and tons of soul.

Both tracks are super playlist worthy and we all look very forward to hearing more from Anna Farquhar as she paves her own musical path.

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