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Frank Marsilio Releases "Distractions"

Frank Marsilio is an indie singer/songwriter who strives to give a positive vibe to his rock and pop songs that are directly inspired from the ‘80s and ‘90s. His latest track is “Distractions,” which will be released May 19, 2023. The moment you hit play, you’ll hear the vibrant and bright sounds coming from the piano. But it is only when Marsilio’s vocals come in that you really see the vibes come together. I was loving the enthusiasm he imbues into his performance. He sings with feeling and verve and I couldn’t get enough of it! “Distractions” is a song about just that – ‘distractions.’ Marsilio talks about how every time he tried to work on this song which was originally about a different topic, he would become distracted by kids, work, family, friends, chores, social media, ads, life, etc. “Eventually the song transformed into a light-hearted take on all of the distractions that constantly compete for our valuable attention.” I’m sure a lot of us out there will find this relatable. “Distractions” is a fun-loving and light jam that will take your mind off things. In a nutshell, it is the perfect “distraction.”

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