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Fashion Invasion - TV World (Rerun)

Fashion Invasion is an electronic pop group that skillfully combines the songwriting finesse of the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s with contemporary production values, all while incorporating a delightful touch of 1980s nostalgia. Their main musical inspirations come from iconic acts like Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode, The Human League, Pet Shop Boys and New Order. Additionally, they draw influence from rock bands such as Def Leppard and Van Halen, as well as various 1960s tunes and the timeless creations of The Beatles. The spectrum of their compositions spans from instrumental techno-pop reminiscent of the 1980s to vocal-driven synth-pop of that era, and extends to encompass the vibrant realm of modern electro-pop.

On their Bandcamp page the artist explains “TV World (Rerun)” combines the spirit of vintage ’80s nostalgia with modern futurism. With anthemic melodies and a dreamy atmosphere, “TV World” takes the listeners to a larger-than-life place. This track is not conforming to what is considered normal by any standards. Instead, it takes on a life of its own by creating an otherworldly experience to the ears. With its chill beats and ethereal soundscapes, “TV World” is a song that will be enlightening for those who wish to embark on this amazing journey.”

The song starts with a hard hitting ’80s 808 sounding like drum beat, airy synths. I would also say however that the song is updated and the tones and textures sound contemporary. There’s a nice combination.

The vocals are done through a vocoder and hits up heavy nostalgia from the ’80s. The artist sings “Antenna / VHF / UHF / Network stations / Power switch / Vacuum tube / What is it.” I’m old enough to remember all these things so that was a nice treat in some ways

The groove is undeniably danceable but also sort of meditative. I was reminded of Daft Punk in terms of electro funk fusion. The percussive elements in the song are well done and around the two-minute mark the song becomes explosive. I thought the mix was exceptional.

The song doesn't have a traditional hook but I can say this is just catchy all around. It’s airy and fun but also feels a little zen.

The resurgence of ’80s synth pop is nothing new but Fashion Invasion nails it. I think fans of the genre will love this. Recommended.

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