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Ever Snow Brings In Some Company to Release BLOOD CARGO

A new release from Ever Snow thrashes with a thick and heavy sludge and death metal feel as it rampages on with notes of righteousness and a betrayal-driven aggression.

The Blood Cargo EP consists of two tracks and a triggered call out that, with the tone of the song comes at you with closed-fisted swings and a fire not easily put out.

The first of the two tracks sets the tone for the main single and to get right down to it, it focuses on the multiple Boeing 737 plane crash deaths and how the organization basically did their best to make things seem like it was a normal and almost expected risk.

For some, something like this is a very hot topic and easily pushes the buttons of people that can't stand to see corporations get away with what a lot would call murder.

Ever Snow joined forces with members of Bear The Cross, particularly one Jordan Mower and together they raged on and sent their message which was definitely received loud and clear.

A lot would say that not enough people pay attention to things like this which is why it's outstanding when artists speak out in their own way about them.

The actual second track which is titled "Blood Cargo" itself, dives right in and rips it up with a fierce attitude and one well deserved.

This one is for people that like metal with a message and should certainly spread the word about the song and the artists involved.

"This is about Boeing’s tone-deaf response to the 2, 737max crash victims' families who were fighting against the corporation due to the pain/suffering the victims likely experienced. Also, channeling anger about how Boeing intentionally chose the opportunity to boost stock values over training and safety. To me the subject matter of the song was very much a story of that, someone preying upon victims, of some sort of wrong that has happened." - Ever Snow

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