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Erene Mastrangeli releases a beautifully woven album

A new album release from Erene Mastrangeli brings out a lush and character-riddled approach that has a way of blending contemporary folk with pop and jazz to build an atmosphere that has its own vibe and along with that, you get an uncanny honesty and lyrical descriptions that paint vivid pictures in your head at times.

The Loveshine album is brimming with persona and can let you sort of escape into this other world and forget about your own surroundings for a good chunk of time which for me was not only refreshing but I haven't had that in quite some time.

This record has some great surprises around some of the corners and is definitely full-bodied with gorgeous instrumentation with an acoustic guitar backbone and this one-on-one sort of approach that lets you feel closer to the artist right from the get-go.

The performances on this record are outstanding through and through from all parts and there are sections of the record that make you feel like some of the songs were actually recorded live on the floor simply because of that energy level that's given.

Sometimes it feels like the players are just feeding off of each other the entire time giving the songs the feeling of being alive and breathing even.

The percussion and drumming on this record really help that jazz undertone come through and that's a big element of the whole soundscape of the record because it helps the mood and flow of everything.

You have a lot of personal undertones on the release and some of these tracks stand out well as singles to me however I do suggest listening to this record from start to finish all the way through because I feel like that's how it was meant to be done.

It's almost like these songs serve as chapters in the artist's life and they're out here on display for you to be able to soak in which is impressive because there are a lot of emotionally driven songs and lyrics that give off different feelings.

It almost seems like this record may have been cathartic for Erene right and release because it works wonders for the listeners in terms of relatability and being able to paint those pictures in your head.

At times certain songs even cause memories of your own to pop in and that's something that's very unique and quite a rarity when it comes to a lot of music these days.

You can tell that there is tons of heart on this record and again, that persona and character is really what drives it and what you get attached to so it never goes away and stays strong through the last track.

Upon listening to this record, I took it upon myself to check out some of the Spotify releases and when I did, I found that this record has certainly been a long time in the making as the artist has been releasing certain tracks from this record as singles throughout the past three or four years.

That to me speaks volumes because you can tell it took time to piece this together until it was right where Erene wanted it to be and that's part of why everything sounds so graceful and beautiful.

This is a record with layers that you can peel back especially if you listen to it more than once which I suggest you do.

It gives you insights to Erene as a person and that in terms of music is quite a gift.

Taking listen to this one as soon as you can and set yourself aside a half an hour to do so because it takes no more than that.

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