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Edgy L Brings A Classic Electronic Sound To Life

A new release from Edgy L takes on a number of dance and electro-pop styles and brings them together to make a massive sonic treat for anyone who digs good synths and want to get on that dance floor.

"They Are Coming" is an instant classic in the way of electronic and dance bangers as it comes through with deepening fuzztone notes, and high-end trance style sounds all wrapped up in a killer beat that touches on various approaches of the genre and even a little 90's undertone at times.

The song begins to swell and becomes cinematic, high energy, and is beautifully built and woven with layers of textures that all complement each other in the grand scheme of it.

This was a hands in the air, jumping up and down, classic and it reminds me of the stuff you'd heat at raves in the early 12000's.

It's got an edginess to it that makes it hard hitting and synth pads that form around everything and make it all super impactful and even add some emotion to it.

This is the sound of an experienced electronic musician doing his thing with no boundaries. Justs because he loves to do it.

That in itself is freeing and you can actually hear that in the song itself as well. That freeing feeling is there.

This track even gets inspiring in its own way. It makes you want to get up and go do things. It gives you that added energy you needed. that push you didn't have before. It's amazing how the right music can do that sort of thing.

If you love dance, electronic, dub, EDM, trance, and anything synthwave, this is for you.

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