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DJ D.Wills Gives Us A Remix that gets us moving

A new single release mix from DJ D.Wills delivers an endlessly danceable set of deep grooves that allow this track to both hit hard but still keep its color and soul all with that hint of edginess and with a smart approach to remixing a pop song.

"I Call me Beautiful" originally released by Yola The Model and Ben Rebel was already a bit of a banger but the way that DJ D.Willis was able to take the better elements of the song and blend it in with this dance soul depth was really brilliant because now the track keeps that vibrancy and also comes through with a little extra energy and a lot more character.

This is one of those tracks I would have loved to have watched go down in terms of the process of remixing it because I've always been curious about how a DJ is able to take a track and transform it into something almost completely different but still keep those elements of the track that matter most.

To me, that seems like something that would be quite difficult but for some, it might just be second nature.

This is the DJ D.Wills afro deep mix of the single and it certainly breathes new life into it,

I definitely love the vibe of this track and how it'll get you shaking your butt in your seat right from the get-go, but it also refreshes the original song a bit as well and it's almost like connecting the dots in a certain way.

Again, I have no idea how great remixes like this one are accomplished but you have to have some kind of vision in your head when you hear the song for that remix initially, I would assume.

To do something like this you have to have a real love for the craft of remixing, and this is definitely something that is clearly evident when you listen to this track.

This has color, edginess, a heavy pop element, and a certain energy that carries the song really well and also has a way of sticking with you for hours after the song is ended.

Now, this is not an over-the-top sort of energy it's actually perfectly balanced and it works really well with the dynamics of the song itself which is why I think it's sort of complicated to be able to put this together.

Doing a remix of this type makes you more a producer and that's something that takes a natural ear for certain kinds of genres to be able to accomplish.

After hearing this track I'm certainly looking forward to hearing whatever else comes from DJ D.Wills and how whatever gets remixed will morph into something new and refreshing.

This was a great track and something I would throw on at a party of almost any type.

I would give this an 8 out of 10 easy.

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