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Deully Returns with Massive a New Album

Deully returns with a set of anthemic arena rock bangers that come complete with thriving guitars and plenty of heart that lets the songs come through with a certain kind of impact and a lot of these songs have ways of almost interconnecting with each other almost like this is a concept record of sorts or even chapters in the artist's life to an extent. 

Either way, this record grabs your attention not only musically but lyrically as well, and if you pay attention you could pick up on a lot of layers that can be peeled back throughout its course.

The This Long Road album is packed to the brim with this massive and vast undertone that's displayed and portrayed with righteous guitar work and the tones of the instruments on this record are just sonically driving throughout the entire thing but it's not only that, it's this energy that's delivered throughout it as well that really grabs at you.

Show of classic metal with a new school undertone oozing with persona and honesty with songs that have this cinematic backbone to them and all of them push this envelope so that they all end up leaving their mark.

I can't really express enough how intense and perfectly balanced the guitar work is here because you have this great aggression performed on the instrument, but it's done in the form of these fierce riffs and shredding guitars but also these beautiful clean sections that add to that cinematic feel and the emotional drive that a lot of these songs give off as well.

This isn't just a straight-up metal or hard rock record. The songs have meaning and again, they display a lot of heart so you know they came from someplace real which makes the songs that much more authentic.

The entire record has a certain power behind it and it's the kind of album that you want to listen to in its entirety from start to finish this way you can pick up on all that it actually has to offer.

Some of these tracks deliver such raunchy sounding riffs and tones with deepening grooves and those songs hit hard and pack an intense punch while others have that vastness to them and tell more of a story with a soundscape that ends up being more expansive in a way.

A lot of these songs have a great way of kind of growing in that intensity as well especially vocally because the vocals are right there with the same energy as the rest of the music has throughout the track so if the song grows and gets more intense, the vocals come right along with that, and this is what makes them feel alive.

I love this blend of orchestrated and just thrashing deep metal because the combination of those two things complements each other extremely well and also shows how Deully can write and build songs in different fashions.

This is an album that you turn nice and loud and you listen to in full because that's the way it was meant to be listened to just like in the old days when people released full albums and you'd go and buy the album, even if it was because you heard just one track on the radio or read about just one song in a magazine, and you listen to that album and it would be an experience and this is the kind of thing that Deully brings back into the picture.

Being able to put on a record and really listen to the whole thing is indeed a great experience because you escape from your surroundings during that time.

You're in a different world, and someone else's head, listening to someone else's thoughts and all the while headbanging and singing along with your fists in the air.

This album delivers everything that I expected and more and does indeed both that arena rock power that gives off this certain kind of heart and charisma.

And endlessly impressive release.

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