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Dead Reynolds Are Back with a New Single that Completes their EP

Dead Reynolds returns with a banger of a new single complete with all the classic alternative rock drive that serves as part of their staple sound along with that vastness that they usually deliver, and it all comes together with a powerful punch as the song comes through with a massive and anthemic tonality.

"Animal" boasts a genre-crossing approach as they blend in short bursts of rap sections in between gigantic and memorable choruses along with elements of synths and guitar lines that are dripping with echo and delay, so they build on the song's ambiance as they float through the atmosphere of it all and this is part of what gives that vast tone.

This track is super explosive and the way the vocals are performed is just belting out and bending into notes during the choruses which gives it this added intensity.

When the song goes through its calmer moments during certain verses or just after choruses, you hear elements of that hip hop kind of come through not only in the rap section but really in the instrumentation as you have keys and pianos that help bring the calm before the storm.

This track has even more of a cinematic feel than the last one did, and this is quickly becoming something of a staple sound for the band as well, as you can certainly hear it and scenes of films especially ones with high intensity or action.

These guys always deliver a certain level of vigor and excitement in their tracks and they're able to capture that electric energy very well on record.

We're no strangers to Dead Reynolds and I can say that this track is even more of a forward movement in the evolution of the band and how they sound but they never lose that heart, and they never lose that intensity that they always give with every track they release.

These guys always have a powerful and impactful sound that comes through with a bit of an expansive tendency and this is something that lets you escape into their music.

I'm definitely impressed with this one and it has a lot to do with not only the performance but the way the track is arranged because it does have that flow, but it also has these waves of impact that just burst into action and then exhale back down to calmness again.

If I were you, I would check out not only this track, but their previous release dubbed "Hurricane" which also provides more of that anthemic and gigantic sonic presence that I've come to expect from these guys.

Both tracks are part of an EP released by the band that was released single by single and can all be found on their Spotify page.

The tracks include Animal, Hurricane, Wake Up, and Fly Away and each one speaks volumes for the band themselves.

Check out the songs off of this EP as soon as you can and don't be afraid to touch on the rest of their discography on Spotify as there's plenty to go through and plenty to love especially if you are a huge fan of hard-hitting and impactful alternative rock with fewer boundaries than the normal.

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