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Dave Scott - September

Dave Scott, a musical luminary hailing from Fort Smith, Arkansas, carries a storied history in the realm of music, garnering local recognition through his live showcases. Recently, he unfurled his latest creation, September, an eleven-track ensemble that exudes a classic Americana essence. While these compositions predominantly unfold with the accompaniment of a full band, one can easily envision their potential resonance distilled to the simplicity of an acoustic guitar.

Within the eclectic collection, certain tracks emerge with distinctive allure. "Nashville" beckons with its nostalgic yearning, melancholic hues and an undeniable sense of home. The commendable guitar work takes a backseat to the contemplative vocal delivery, stealing the limelight effortlessly. "Starving," akin to "Nashville" in emotional resonance, weaves a tapestry of feelings. Dynamic percussion, particularly in the breakdown section where the focus shifts to bass and drums, adds complexity to the sonic landscape.

"Trinity" stands out as a compelling composition, a whirlwind of emotions complemented by catchy vocals that resonate robustly. Additionally, the eponymous track "September" and "Throw My Flesh Away" assert themselves as noteworthy entries in Scott's repertoire.

Dave Scott possesses an alluring sonic identity, characterized by a timeless and inviting American vibe destined to find favor with a diverse audience. Rooted in the heart of Americana, his musical craft radiates enduring charm and resonates with an undeniable authenticity.

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