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Dark From Day One Brandishes A Polished Melodic Metal Single

A universal premier from Dark From Day One brings ambient future soundscapes to progressive and melodic metal.

"Giants" is cinematic and engulfing right from the beginning with melodic hooks and layered guitars that blend high notes with deep rooted trudging tones and bursts into a huge chorus that takes you away to another place all together.

This track has a space element to it that adds to the it's already incredibly anthemic and powerful style.

Breakdowns that fall into soft and almost ethereal textures until the band explodes into heaviness and it's all driven by emotion that you can feel in the songs performances.

These guys really give stellar and visual showcase of songwriting with "Giants" and you get the feeling Dark From Day One is playing for keeps here.

The band is clearly making their own path in melodic metal and with "Giants", they've given us a radio friendly track you can sing along to and bang your head to at the same time.

This song has a sheen to it that makes you come back for more.

The lyric video is below. Turn it up.

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