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Dakota Releases "VHS" Single

A new single from Dakota gives us a beautifully haunting and nostalgic undertone with a personal and ariel vocal approach and it comes and goes like a dream.

"VHS" is certainly coming from life experience and Dakota nails that one on one feel with this one as she performed with such a subtle passion and emotion that it crawls under your sking in the best ways possible.

A stripped down and almost raw feel that borders on a lo-fi sound makes this all the more impactful and cinematic.

There is something about this artist that really grabs you. It's like she's singing just for you and saying words she wants you to hear personally. It's quite enchanting and only makes you yearn for more of where "VHS" came from.

There isn't a single thing about this track that isn't graceful or beautiful.

The song takes you over and lets you wash away with its feel and its aesthetic is everything.

Hell, we may have fallen in love with Dakota just from this one song.

The artist obviously puts her all into her music and does it with a freedom that many don't express.

With the release of "VHS", we wanted to have a talk with the Dakota to find out where this one started.

Thanks again for taking some time with us!

RAG: Let's start off this time with "VHS" which comes off with an ambient undertone and emotional drive. What's this song about to you?

For better or worse, nostalgia creeps its way into my internal world on a pretty regular basis. VHS is a song about those guilty pleasure relationships — the longings, cravings, people and experiences you should probably regret, but secretly kind of get off to when you reminisce every so often. The sexy sorrow.

RAG: Do songs like this just sort of pop into your head or do you pick up a guitar and see what happens?

The only consistent part of my writing process is that I do it on my bathroom floor. The line, “you fuck me just to shut me up” had been haunting me for a few days. I took my guitar into the bathroom and within an hour, VHS was written.

RAG: Some would say artists need to write songs to let out whatever needs to be let out. Is this true for you?

Songwriting holds my suppressed feelings, dark secrets, blood and guts. Writing and recording is incredibly therapeutic for me, and it’s definitely become a massive part of my emotional digestion. I don’t know if I can stop romanticizing my heartbreaks until I’ve turned them into a song.

RAG: Looks like responses for your releases are really good! Is this something you were expecting?

I’m honestly blown away by the love and support. I had zero expectation as I started putting my music out there this year, and the fact that it resonates with even one person means the world to me. Truly.

RAG: It seems like you are a recording artist at heart. Do you find it to be your comfort zone?

I never feel more at home than when I’m writing and recording my music. A huge part of that comfort has come from being able to trust another human to share in the vulnerable journey. My dear friend Ethan, who produced my Sex & Blood EP earlier this year, also produced VHS — all from his cozy bedroom studio, complete with coffee, at least 20 plants, and Bug the cat.

RAG: Is it difficult coming up with lyrics for your stuff?

It honestly just spills out like word vomit for me. Songwriting is the only time my mind doesn’t over analyze.

RAG: The pandemic is still going on, but it was much worse last year. How did that affect you as an artist?

It’s been the hardest year and a half of my life, but I don’t know if I ever would have started recording and releasing my music without it.

RAG: Where do you see yourself musically a few years from now?

I’ll definitely still be writing songs on a bathroom floor. Evolving is incredibly important to me, and I hold it all loosely. I don’t know what exactly it’s going to look like, but I’m going to keep showing up for the stories that need to be told.

RAG: Your photos are awesome! Would you say fashion and visual art is a part of your aesthetic?

Thank you so much! Blending my photography and music world has been a really fun creative process. Cultivating lyric posters, album covers or music videos makes it feel more real and tangible for me. The photos I’ve been using for VHS were taken by me on a disposable camera back in 2019. I like being able to use visual art as a way to bring others into my mood.

RAG: Where are the best places to find your music?

You can find me wherever music streams, and Instagram is probably the best place to stay up to date on new releases, behind the scenes of the music process, and just me generally breakdancing poorly.


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