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Cousin Louie hits us with an edgy full-length album

A fresh album release from Cousin Louie boasts a crisp set of flows and high impact energy that becomes insanely addictive and gives you the feeling you can get up, go out, and do just about anything.

The Catch Me If You Can album is super addictive, and the artists style is a combination of old and new with influences from all over the place.

Cousin Louie spins stories from different standpoints, personal ones as well that all get into detail and give off a righteous and edgy tone that all gets backed with these outstanding beats produced with all kinds of brightness and colors.

These songs each have something completely different to bring to the table and throughout the course of the record you get to hear his many approaches at rapping that each are somehow nailed.

The album is super full and the songs take you to new places and there is this freshness in terms of character and presence.

Cousin Louie hits all the marks in terms of bringing that energy and swagger. And its always different so there is always these awesome surprises all over this thing.

The addicting part is due to not only the vibrant beats and production but the artists ability to hold that character and lay out some incredible lyrical phrasing.

This album should be heard in full without a doubt. The sense of classic rap and future rap coming together is what this genre is or should be turning to and Cousin Louie is here to lead the way.

This album is alive and breathing, honest, vivid, impactful, fearless, fierce, and engulfing.

Take some time with this one and dive in. Get ready for some freshness.

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