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Corinna Jane Comes In Strong With "Give Me A Sign"

The latest single dropped from Corinna Jane is a sultry and alluring pop song that builds as it gives off a cinematic undertone and a heavy intensity.

"Give Me A Sign" is a vibrant and shining track that incorporates a beautiful array of instrumentation that becomes an addicting and infectious attribute as passionate and powerful vocals swell and sway, softly whisper and belt over it all.

The song is a powerhouse and radio friendly to boot as synths and pads float in the songs colorful atmosphere and you begin to get whisked away by it's addicting and almost raw energy.

The song is a great follow up to some of her previously released singles like "Don't Start Now"; a piano based ballad that showcases her vocal range and ability.

Others like her absolutely gorgeous cover of "Losing My Religion" pull at your heart strings and end up incredibly impactful.

Corinna Jane has a wonderous library of songs on Spotify starting from as early as 2015 and through you can hear her evolution in performance and even songwriting, it's all quite amazing, graceful, and passionate.

This artist has been paving her way in the pop world for some time and "Give me A Sign" is an absolute banger of a single so we suggest you start there and go backwards through her catalog. You'll find a ton for your playlists.

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