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Clash Bowley - Dancing With the Cat Girls... Again!

Clash Bowley, a prolific musician with a substantial body of work spanning numerous years, recently caught my attention with his latest release, Dancing With the Cat Girls... Again!. What struck me immediately about this artist is the challenge of neatly categorizing him into a specific genre or drawing comparisons to other musicians.

The opening title track, "Dancing with the Cat Girls... Again!,”sets the tone with its unhurried pace, featuring panned percussion elements and shape-shifting sounds that defy easy identification as guitars, synths or a fusion of both. Bowley's distinctive delivery adds a layer of intrigue, almost as if he's experimenting with different personas. This lends a theatrical quality to his songs, a notion reinforced by the suggestive cover art.

From the hushed and intimate tones of "Living With the Ghosts" to the down-and-out blues narrative of "This Ain't What Love's Supposed To Be," Bowley showcases a remarkable range. A standout among the tracks is "Into the Abyss (ft. Fritz Herold)," an experimental piece that masterfully blends choir sounds, intricate rhythms and guitars into a cosmic amalgamation of sounds.

Beyond his musical prowess, Bowley emerges as a formidable lyricist, crafting vivid imagery that led me to follow along with the lyrics on his Bandcamp page. Some verses evoke the poetic essence of Charles Bukowski, with lines like "The world is full of shadow / The world is full of fear / We navigate by sense of touch / And pain is how we steer." Another poignant moment occurs in "Situation Rising," where he urges listeners to "Celebrate it all / Look to the bright horizon / Just let it fall / Situation rising."

Despite the scarcity of online information about Bowley, lacking any discernible social media presence, I find a certain allure in the enigmatic aura he maintains in an age dominated by influencers. Bowley's compelling and unconventional approach beckons listeners to explore not only this album but also his extensive back catalog—an invitation to immerse oneself in the intriguing world he creates.

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