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christina Jule Finds Her Path With "Narrow Road"

A new single dropped recently from singer songwriter Christina Jule and it's a beautiful and heartfelt acoustic guitar and piano driven ballad of sorts that's performed with passion and has a cinematic undertone to it that really becomes addicting.

"Narrow Road" is an honest and powerful track with growing intensity and musical swelling string sections and a moving feeling.

It's not difficult to hear the love she has for her craft or for what she is singing about.

Her feeling of safety and she is following the right path and as she sings about it all you begin to feel her impactful voice taking over as you let the song wash you away with it's positivity. With it's love.

There is plenty of love in this song and Jule is empowered during her performance and that empowerment is something you can feel and is very infectious indeed.

"Narrow Road" is in good company with her other single release "Eternal Wonder" which feels more R&B and still laid out with a colorful and bright passion and sound.

Christina Jule is really beginning to evolve and find herself musically anf it's sounds great to us.

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