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An Edgy Alt-Rock Single From Chloe Clemente

A new single release from Chloe Clemente brings out a cinematic and almost hauntingly edged alternative rock soundscape that fills the air with a unique character and powerful vocals along with a certain vastness that all comes together to create an atmosphere that kind of wraps itself right around you.

"Love Letters to The Dead" has such a massive and almost anthemic chorus that really hits with a heavy rock edge and those vocals really blend with the sound of the distortion on the guitar so well that everything comes through impactful and with a punch.

There are so many memorable hooks throughout this track that a lot of them end up bouncing around your head for hours or even days after the song has ended and this speaks volumes for Chloe as a songwriter in general.

The arrangement is stellar and there are surprises around some of the corners here as well as some layers that could be peeled back including a great almost orchestral bridge section towards the end right before the last chorus.

It really gives the song a great build-up and climax which again, just speaks to Chloe as a songwriter and as an artist.

This track lets her presence shine and the delivery of everything has this unique energy that almost feels like everyone is feeding off of each other the entire time which makes you want to go see this live in your face.

She's got this natural way with notes and melodies which is something you can tell because of the way her vocal sort of flow Melody wise over the guitar chords.

She hits all these awesome extra notes that make the riffs and licks so much deeper.

I love vocalists like this because she's able to put something out with fewer boundaries or hold back less than her predecessors would.

Still, it's never over the top or overpowering, everything is balanced dynamically really really well and that in itself is also something that comes from experiencing musicianship.

This track has a lot of gusto to it and comes from someone who has a love for her craft which is amazing because when you listen to something like this you kind of wonder how it started in her head and then how it ended up where it is.

I think about things like how close to her imagination the real song turned out.

The artist also has a few other singles released in 2023 and each of them shows a little bit of a different side to her as a songwriter and performer which is a wonderful thing.

Like she's just now getting her footing in terms of paving her own path in the rock arena and she's doing an amazing job.

If you like this track you're going to like the other two singles released and from here on out I'm going to be paying very close attention to anything else coming from Chloe Clemente because I'm sure it's going to be well worth listening to.

Check the single and the rest of her tracks out on Spotify and turn it up.

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