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cardnoire shines with the huge pop single "Digital Romance"

CardNoire gave us a great new pop single loaded with hooks, fun and colorful guitar work, and a touch of retro pop undertone in the whole thing.

"Digital Romance" is an absolute banger that was born for radio waves from start to finish.

It's chorus is ultra catchy and is relatable in today's world as lyrics are honest and youthful. The song even has an inspirational feel to it that gives it additional heart to add to it's already lush sound.

Vocals are passionate and you can hear the fun the artist had creating the track as the songs vibrant sonic tones flood your atmosphere and you begin to realize you've been dancing to it the whole time.

"Digital Romance" is something of a statement and it has an alluring and graceful pop aesthetic to it that is so incredibly addicting.

Not to mention that chorus. The chorus you'll be singing to yourself days later.

This is certainly a single for your playlists and serves as a perfect example of young songwriters contending with the heavy hitters without blinking an eye.

The song will have you feeling refreshed and almost renewed and you'll want to replay it again.

This is a great song to start your day with for sure. It'll put you in a great mood and you can go about your day taking the it's infectious energy along with you.

The previous single dubbed "Disconnected" is also quite a fun track with a more rocked out vibe but sticks to the staple sound that makes this so unique.

We suggest checking them both out as soon as you can.

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