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Cabela and Schmitt Give classic pop rock a message

A new single from Cabela and Schmitt is a bopping pop rock song that calls back to a classic almost retro rock feel with keys and basslines that run the gambit for each verse and a set of rock guitars that take over those choruses.

"Freedom Rising" is a message for everyone and it's riddled with incredibly well put together guitar work from harmonies that bend and sway and crunching hard edged feels and it's all alongside melodic vocals and backing sections that grow in intensity with each hook that comes around.

This was an impressive track that really showcases the band's ability to keep things upswing even when the message is heavy.

You can clearly hear the love for the craft these guys have with every note on this single and the experienced and maturity in songwriting is evident, but the energy is just right for this one.

It's hard not to fall right into that rhythm as the bassline bops along you catchy yourself getting into that groove.

There is also this great almost live performance undertone at times because of how the song goes into its builds and grows.

The great thing is that if you like "Freedom Rising" you're going to like pretty much everything from Cabela and Schmitt.

Their songs each have something a little different o bring to the table but that staple classic pop rock sound and feel is always present.

We would suggest starting with this single and the diving into their previous releases as there are more than a few gems in there for your playlists.

"Freedom Rising" is for the rockers that love great guitar work and a message that's real.

It's more evident now than it ever was maybe.

And it's important to have music like this. Music with a message so people can understand it more.

Props to these guys for releasing a killer single.

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