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Bruce Brown Muzik brings on an infectious rap approach

A crisp banger from Bruce Brown brings a catchy and super addicting hip hop style that focuses on percussion and swagger which works so damn well it's intimidating along with the full feel of the track.

"Drums Go" is a killer single packed with an energy that becomes quickly addictive and brings out the best in the artist as the old school and new school blend of hip hop styles surround you and get you moving with the chorus.

The flow is smooth but has a fire behind it and it makes you want to get up and dance from the first few seconds for sure.

You get that classic 90's undertone with the key horns and the beats but that rap style is lightning.

Ther is a crisp and present force to be reckoned with here and that comes through with q brightness as it all shows Brown's songwriting approach being heavy handed and smart.

It's also got a somewhat stripped-down feel to it. There isn't a ton of synths or kyes all over the place. It's that percussion that keep it all in play and has you shaking your ass.

The track also has K.E. on it which brings that high impact feel to the whole thing.

The teamwork her is outstanding and Brown is an amazing producer that knows exactly how to get your attention quickly to say the least.

"Drums Go" has that tribal and infectious rhythm that lets this whole track hit like whiplash. By the time it's over you want to start it again just to get your day going with a run.

While you're at it, take a gander at more of Bruce Brown's catalog and you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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