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Brett Schieber Gives Us A Refreshing Summer Single

Brett Schieber just gave us a smooth new single that crosses genres from pop into R&B and more all rolled into one colorful Summer sunset track.

"Seasons Change" is a gorgeous and flowing track with jazz undertones and loads of pop sensibility as vocals are performed with a sultry and alluring approach and guitar hooks come in and out with the chorus adding a great musical hook. Something that's been missing from pop songs for quite some time.

This release is a love song that calls out to a cinematic style and comes through with a danceable energy that lets it breathe and keeps you afloat throughout its course.

backing vocals and acoustic guitars go right along with a 90's beat and it does have that little bit of throw back undertone but keeps to a fresh soundscape.

This was a memorable chorus and just has such a lush and full feel that you end up feeling completely satisfied afterwards.

The track sticks with you and bounces around in your head for hours and by the second go, you're singing along.

This is a song that makes you smile, makes you think and even makes memories of your won pop in and out of your head.

Beautifully done and with a wonderful knack for radio friendliness, you can swin along with "Seasons Change".

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