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Brandon Bing Releases An Honest And Authentic Country Single

A brand-new single release from Brandon Bing brings out a classic country tonality and a very relatable honesty as he wears his heart on his sleeve to an extent and speaks his truth.

"Burnt out at Both Ends" is the type of track that gets you thinking because although he's singing about his life, you can take it into your own very easily and this makes the song incredibly connective.

This was very personal, and I think it speaks volumes for Brandon as an artist because not only does it let his presence and unique approach vocally and as a songwriter shine, but it feels like this was cathartic for him to write and release.

Musically the track is outstanding and has this great hook on the guitar during the choruses and it makes them even more memorable to the point where that lick and that chorus end up sticking with you for hours after the song is ended and the only way to satiate that is to listen to it again.

This is a brilliant songwriting style but for Brandon, it's just the way he does his thing.

This track is oozing with authenticity and personality, so you let yourself get engulfed in it and when you do that the song becomes a sort of escape from yourself for just a little chunk of time.

Brandon does have a very sort of unique vocal approach which makes his sound his own. And that staple rings true throughout a lot of his material, but this single is a cut above if you ask me.

To be able to weave such personal attributes into such a memorable and sort of intense track is something that's not easy to do but for Brandon I think again, it's just second nature.

When you listen to this song all the way through, you feel like you know him better as a person as if you just went and sat down for dinner with a friend you haven't seen in a long time.

It takes guts to release a song like this and speak that much truth on such a high level, have it made sense, have it been relatable, and have it be genuine.

His country roots are strong and his love for the genre is clear as day as is his love for the craft of songwriting.

That showcases Brandon's abilities as a songwriter but also his presence as an artist.

Upon listening to the single I took a little bit of a deep dive into his back catalog and I'm very happy I did because the artist does have a slew of releases under his belt on his Spotify page starting in 2019 and the consist of singles, EPS, and albums but going through from back then to now was more than entertaining for me.

When I find an artist I truly enjoy listening to it's super fun to sort of go back and listen to their evolution as an artist and as a songwriter because when you do that you're getting glimpses of who that person is.

Brandon has a bunch of different sides to him and how he releases and expresses himself musically but it's always him.

There's nothing more important than that.

Take a good listen to this track as soon as you can and see if it affects you the way it affected me.

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