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Boudicca's Bass Service releases a full length alt-pop album

A great album release from Boudicca's Bass Service gives off a sultry and very alluring a dance pop vibe with a mysterious and cinematic backbone that is built from some outstanding percussion, and soft-spoken vocals that just have a way of reaching out and grabbing you.

The Fun album has this super crisp and lush feel with delayed vocals that overlap peach other, and a cool sort of retro-alt-pop soundscape that comes off very robust but super smooth.

This record has an instant way of getting your attention and its experimental side keeps things quite fun really.

That cool mysterious vibe is always present, and the artist really has a love for what she does. You can hear that this was a good time and she just loved growing it into what it turned out to be in the end.

The beats are really old school feeling like they were created from an actual analog beat machine, and this gives the track this genuine feel and groove.

She also has this perfect energy, and she seems to be able to capture this energy on most of the songs actually.

It's also such a wonderful mix of digital and natural instrumentation including some great guitar work in places you'd least expect them which is a good time.

We just fall right in love with these vocals and the way the songs were written.

They are all performed with a touch of psychedelia, and this is part of why it's all so addictive.

This is one of the albums out there that you should really hear as a full piece of work.

There are singles but as a full album, this makes much more sense.

We suggest popping on headphones and just diving into this one.


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