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Booke Drops A Summer Pop Powerhouse

A fresh banger released from Booke touches on a smooth retro-pop style and keeps a fresh synth influenced approach as it mends together a series of vibrant hooks to create a powerhouse summer single.

"Fire" is pure, 100% unstoppable pop music and it gives the feeling of a neon lit Maimi sunset, cruising with the top down at dusk with the crisp ocean air surrounding you.

This release is perfect for the club or a house party for sure and its colorful array of synth textures and vocal melodies get you in the right mood, right quick.

This is a feel good, danceable single and it will have you shaking your ass in your seat and singing along with that chorus by the second time around.

Finally, a release that makes you wanna move.

"Fire" features Jalito who lays down a little extra fire during the tracks rap bridge and it works like a charm as it breaks right back into that chorus and gets you a bit more riled up.

This one should be turned way up no matter where you are.

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