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Blindsight - Channel Normal

Channel Normal, the latest offering from the enigmatic musical collective blindsight, is a mesmerizing journey into a realm where diverse influences converge to create a hauntingly captivating auditory experience. The album, a testament to their innovative approach to sound production, serves as a testament to their distinctive artistry.

The auditory expedition commences with the evocative "Intro," an exploration of somber depths that exists in the sonic intersection of Zola Jesus and Massive Attack. Transitioning seamlessly, "Walls" emerges with its avant-garde production, a testament to the cutting-edge techniques embraced by the group.

The track pulsates with intricate layers, a meticulously crafted symphony that showcases impeccable sound design. Notably, the vocals, akin to the vibes of shoegaze, are masterfully woven into the sonic fabric. The reverie persists with "Visions," a composition shrouded in enigmatic allure and graced by celestial vocals reminiscent of seraphic harmonies. Hints of Burial's atmospheric prowess can be detected, creating a captivating parallel.

"Night Affair" is a composition radiating with sonic fidelity and memorable melodies. As the journey unfolds, the tapestry of soundscapes continues unfurling through the likes of "Cemetery Outlet" and "Jake's Story/Glorious Chaos." However, it is in the resplendent opus "regardlessyoutoowillcrumbleandfall" that the collective reaches its zenith. This sonic masterpiece encapsulates their prowess in its entirety, offering an otherworldly and immersive auditory realm that effortlessly engulfs the listener.

While the album largely excels in its artistic ambitions, a minor quibble arises in the realm of mastering. The variances in volume and sonic characteristics across tracks give rise to a sensation of distinct individuality rather than a coherent album.

In summation, Channel Normal stands as a great album, a firm stepping stone for the collective's artistic odyssey. It propels them onto a promising trajectory, leaving eager anticipation for their forthcoming creations. In a sonic landscape saturated with the mundane, their unique blend of influences shines brightly, setting the stage for their ascent into further musical echelons.


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