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BlackLight brings the fresh EDM Dance single of the year

Blacklight just busted out a new single that shines with a smooth and crisp dance feel and manages to blend both a subtle and hard energy together to create something quite unique but still somewhat familiar.

"Bring Me That Feeling" is an upswing electo-dance track that surges with gorgeous textures, vocals, and a classic beat that brings to mind hit tracks of the 90's.

The single feels great to blast or to even keep at a more level volume and it does an amazing job of sort of whisking you away to another place all together.

The track boasts piano, synths, and scattered vocals that fill the atmosphere and float around the song's ether giving it a nice, lush soundscape.

The song does indeed have this vastness to it that becomes increasingly addictive and there are a number of killer melody lines and synth swells throughout its course that have a way of grabbing you and latching on.

It's refreshing and vibrant while remaining a touch ambient and very colorful.

What's great about this single is its ability to blend sounds and the production is excellent as far as that goes.

This is a thinking song or will be for many. But it can also be a fun party track as well.

Either way it has that tonality that makes you want to find out more. Hear more.

There are several re-mixes of the song, but the original is our favorite and its mix is spot on for a track of this genre especially.

Pump this summer single when you can, you won't be disappointed

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